Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I just came home from watching a "scary" movie with a bunch of guys and one girl. It had a good number of bumps and jumps, but ended weakly. The kicker was that the guys I saw the movie with screamed more than the girl. I wasn't exactly sure who was screaming at first because of the impressive high notes being belted out. I would hear a high pitched, blood curdling scream and then nothing, but as the movie progressed, the screams were accompanied by curses in low manly voices. If it wasn't for the fact that we were alone in the theater, I would have died of embarrassment. Not because of the screams, but because these screams were emanating from men, one who was once a Division 1 college athlete. (Those of you who know whom I am speaking of, please don't tell him I said anything, I just need to vent.)

Because I am a guy through and through, I would like to give my opinion on screaming. According to the Guy Code Sec 100.14 (A)(3) , there are only a few instances when it is acceptable to scream in the presence of a female-type woman:

1) if you have been shot in the belly
2) a battle cry
3) if you stub your toe or bang your shin

That is pretty much it. To hear another guy scream in front of a girl is like watching him get kicked in the nether region. You feel bad for the guy when it happens, but you will always make fun of him for it. For you ladies out there, if you have a special someone who screams in a scary movie, you have a few options. Ignore the incident and pretend it never happened (which I recommend) or bring it up at inopportune times as leverage to get what you want (which most girls I know will do, and it is a low blow.) So please take the high road and we will always love you for it. I will post more on the guy code later.

Thanks for the vent session...

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Laughing.....so.....hard............hahahahahhahahahahahh. Dang, I wish I would have gone